Community Engagement

Neighborhoods and communities where residents feel disenfranchised, without a way to advocate on their own behalf or access to resources, face many challenges including blight, gangs, graffiti, and apathy on the part of residents. Matties Rhodes Center recognizes the importance of engaging residents in the neighborhoods in which they live, building strong leaders to advocate on their own behalf and on behalf of their communities.

Neighborhood Leadership: Community liaisons engage neighborhood residents and partners to make lasting changes. Mattie Rhodes works to empower idnviduals to be leaders, giving them the tools they need to help themselves and work for their communities.

Civic Engagement: Mattie Rhodes advocates on behalf of the neighborhoods we serve and the clients we represent. Youth from other agency programs are engaged in the process, connecting young people with opportunities to become involved in their own neighborhoods.

Latino Advocacy Taskforce:
Families of victims of violent crime receive support and assistance during the difficult process following an act of violence; the community and partners are engaged to raise awareness and advocate for change.