Health and Wellness

The rates of obesity and overweight are growing exponentially, especially within the school age populatuion; childhood obesity has become an epidemic within many communities. Mattie Rhodes Center recognizes that accessible, educational information and activities can act as preventive health care and reduce the risk of future health problems. 

Farmers Market:
Mattie Rhodes Center convenes a weekly farmers market to encourage neighborhood residents to buy fresh healthy foods, support local farmers growing sustainable crops, and educate the community about the benefits of each of the foods. 

Physical Exercise:
Participants come together weekly for phsical activities such as taebo and zumba, building strong support networks, learning about exercise and nutrition, and maintaing ongoing healthy lifestyles. 
Community Garden: The Jardin Jubilo ("Jubilee Garden") is planted and maintained by Mattie Rhodes staff and participants, and used in curriculums such as 'Eating From the Garden' brought to local elementary schools.